Saturday, November 10, 2007

One way to keep track of your memory cards.

DIY Double-sided memory card labels

I just bought 2 more 2GB memory cards, which means I now have 4 cards to keep track of. It used to be easy when there was one card in the camera and one in the bag, but now it's going to be a bit trickier. I thought of a nice way to keep track of which ones are empty and which ones are full and figured I'd share...

I simply took a pieces of scrap paper and cut it into memory card sized pieces, then wrote "Full" on one side and "Empty" on the other side. Then, I used packing tape to sortof laminate them so they'd last longer. (The reason I made 3 instead of 4 is because one card will always be in the camera.)

On a similar note, I think it's important to be able to tell your cards apart in case you have a problem with a card -then you'll be able to tell which card it is. Or, if you have multiple problems with a card, you'll be able tell if its the same one each time. So, each time I buy a new card I mark it with the date and year (plus "1" or "2" if I buy more than one in a single month/year).

So, that's my tip for today...

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rrricky! said...

great blog!! i was browsing and stumbled upon yours. very informative stuff, and great tips! thanks!

i'm also a racer and photographer :D