Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Common photography advice about not centering your subject, not putting the horizon in the center, not taking photos of flowers from straight on, not shooting from eye-level, and so on are all about one thing: breaking habits.

It's everyone's natural tendency to take photos with the subject centered, from eye-level, etc so we've already seen those photos time and time again. They are the same as everyone else's and, therefore, boring. But that's also why photos are more striking when taken according to the rule of thirds or when taken from a different perspective.

So anything you can do to capture the world a bit differently will help catch the eye of your viewer. (Even if it does mean that people look at you funny when you're crawling around on your hands and knees taking pictures!)

Isolate it:
Just a weed

Crop it:
Elephant Closeup

Use a different perspective:
Park Vista Hotel Abstract

Don't center your subject:

Take photos at different times of day (or night!):
"History Revealed" (Lincoln Park at night)

Get low:
Wood Duck

Use effects:
LSD at night 2

Or just find unusual subjects!:

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Tracy said...

Erika, Loved the inspiration photos and the article in one. This really speaks in a powerful way to have the example right there. Great article, thank you.
Tracy in AR