Friday, November 7, 2008

Pay attention to the lessons all around you!

There are billions of people around the globe who take pictures. There are hundreds of millions who give honest effort to taking GOOD pictures. There are millions who'd love to be professional-level. So, what separates the people who get stuck in the "better than average but not great" category from those who really excel? I follow many successful photographers who got their start online. They all shot often, found inspiration everywhere, and tried new things.

Here's an example: often do you notice such things? There are photos everywhere you look: in advertisements, magazines, on the walls of restaurants. Look at those photos! Compare them to your own! Figure out where the light was coming from (from looking at the highlights and shadows), how the items or people were arranged, the angle of view, the framing, the background and depth of field, etc. Every photo is a learning opportunity if you're really passionate about your art and paying attention.

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