Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photos to learn from: A cala copout

A cala copout
Originally uploaded by ejbSF
This is a simple flower shot, but what makes it exceptional in my mind is the fact that most of us would never think to let such so much of the flower fall outside the frame like the photographer has done here.

The reason that cropping the flower is okay here is that the flower isn't so much the subject as is shape. -It's almost an abstract. That gentle S-curve that's accentuated by the plain and contrasting black background is what makes this shot -and (IMO) is what the shot is about.

The lighting is also superb. There are shadows to show 3-dimensional shape, but they are very soft -there are no sharp lines where they begin or end. It's all very subtle and perfect.

Exercise: Take a simple subject like a flower, a fork, a shoe -whatever you have lying around and take at least 50 shots of it from different angles. Aspire to 50, and push yourself. You'll be surprised how creative you can be if you push yourself!

...feel free to post photos that you find to be exceptional on Flickr here for us all to see & we can discuss what makes them great and the lessons we can take from them. Explore is a great place to go to find inspirational photos.

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