Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photos to learn from: Day 223 - O Brother

Day 223 - O Brother
Originally uploaded by Aaron Courter
The poses for both children are perfect here. As a "big sister" to a "little brother" this really conveys what I felt many times in childhood -annoyance at my little brother!

The lighting is suberb. Just like the flower photo, there's enough definition with shadow to show contours, but no sharp shadow lines -they are all very soft and not distracting.

The background is simple. The low perspective helps with that. It also lets us connect with the girl better. Generally, shooting at eye-level with your subject will help your photos a lot.

The wide-angle gives a lot of depth to the photo and the fact that the line from the corner of the 2 walls divides the children adds to the photo in a subtle way as well.

...I'm not usually a big fan of "kid" photos because most people just try to capture their kids as they are, but this one is creative and really strikes me (personally) emotionally with memories of my own childhood. Thinking of capturing an emotion in addition to a photo will bring your work to the next level and make it more interesting to a general audience.

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